How to Create a Wikipedia Page for an Artist?

When the world is getting so competitive, positioning in the online market has become pretty daunting. If you are a newbie artist, you must be worried about searching for some good project and above all gaining recognition. You want to surface among the leading names but do not know how to initiate to reach your goals.
Wikipedia provides artist with a well-established platform to acquire recognition online. Wiki artists become known easily. As the platform has an enormous outreach, it becomes easier to mark your spot. You know you can create an artist page on Wikipedia? Are you wondering about what it can do to help you step ahead?
So, let’s begin the guide to know about Wikipedia and how to create a Wikipedia page for an artist.

The Online Reach of Wikipedia

Wikipedia is one of the largest openly-editable platforms in the search engine. It provides highly reliable information to readers and has content in over 300 languages. With over 1.7 billion unique visitors every month, the platform provides free information to readers from all across the world. Wikipedia is recognized as one of the most authentic platforms existing on the internet.

To maintain its quality, it has formulated a set of policies and instructions that are must to follow by the Wikipedia writers. All of these aspects help in maximizing the online visibility of those who get listed on the platform. So, if you are planning about how to get a Wikipedia artist page, its high time to take an initiative. Here is a detailed procedure with step by step descriptions as to how you can make a profile for an artist. Read on to follow through.

A Step-By-Step Process to Wikipedia Artist Page Creation

To make an artist Wikipedia page you need to have a flawless writing style. If you think you have polished writing expertise with the ability to carry out comprehensive research, you can try the page creation process. Otherwise, instead of wasting your submission, you can rely on a professional agency who would devote itself to fulfilling your requirements and offering you a top-notch Wikipedia artist page. So, whatever you plan is, let’s just begin the steps to write a Wikipedia page of an artist.

Step #1- Create A Wikipedia Profile

The first step to learning about how to create a Wikipedia profile for an artist, you have to head to the website at Wikipedia.org and there you will find out a button “create an account” at the top right corner. You will get a form to enter your basic information. You have to set a username and can turn on the notifications to stay updated with what’s going on the platform.


Create A User Page

Before you plan on creating your own page or a page for an artist you must make some notable contribution to the platform. Now for that, having a user page is a must thing. You have to create a user page that will give you the access to edit the already published pages. However, when editing those pages, you have to take care of two things:

  • Vandalism

Vandalism an act where the editor deliberately attempts to defame the page. You must avoid pulling down someone else just to get to his place. Wikipedia strongly disregard such acts and even ban or terminate the account permanently.

  • Conflict of Interest

When you edit a content you must not have a conflict of interest with the subject. Because if you personally dislike a thing your writing style will have a biased opinion which is not allowed to include. You have to select a subject that can has your interest.

Step #2- Go Through Wikipedia Policies

Wikipedia has set some rules about the artist page. The professional writers must stick to them for a quick approval. The policies revolve around three basic aspects which are described below:

  • Writing Style

The Wikipedia page of an artist must have an exceptional writing style. There must not be verbosity or wordiness. The content should not be promotional or based on a person’s opinion. There must not be any exaggeration of a point. The core aim of the content should be to guide and provide information to the readers.

  • Reliable Sources

The information should come from reliable and verifiable platforms. You must make sure to carry out extensive research to make your page unique and readable. For Wikipedia, its immensely important that the pages published on it are valuable and worthy of reading. Therefore, avoid adding irrelevant or false information stick to authentic details.

  • Respect the Privacy & Integrity

You must respect the integrity and privacy of the subject. Adding controversial context in your page would affect the credibility and online reach of your Wikipedia page negatively. You need to hunt for trusted information that can prove your point before claiming anything.

Step #3- Check The Notability

Wikipedia puts emphasis on checking the notability of the subject before attempting it. According to the Principle of Notability, the artist must be independently known in the search engine. He should have some sort of online visibility and recognition. In this way, the content posted about him or her is able to be verified.

To check the notability, you can try three basic methods:

Ø  Check External Sites

If your name appears on platform like Forbes and The New York Times, you know you are highly recognized. There is no need to think about anything else.

Ø  Get on an Online Hunt

You can use your SEO tool to find out the platforms where you have a presence. Apart from this, Google can help you out as well. All you have to do is to type your name in the search box by closing it between inverted commas. If you appear anywhere the result will show you.

Ø  The Red Link Method

As per the Red Link Methods, there is a search box on Wikipedia where you can type the name of the artist if a red link appears it means it can be covered for the platform. The search box is called “Request Article Search Box” as shown below:

Step #4- Gather Unique Information

The first aspect of your information is reliability. When you set off to hunt for data you have to make sure that it is trustable and valuable. The platforms you refer must be authentic. If you are composing your own artist page you need to stay neutral. Do not talk high about the abilities you possess. Wikipedia does not allow biased content.

Step #5-  Create The Wikipedia Page for an Artist

Now that you are well aware of all the policies and instructions, you have to begin composing your Wikipedia page. You can hire an expert Wikipedia profile writer who can help you create the most exceptional content for your page. If you have any doubts on your abilities, it’s safe to seek help from a professional. Otherwise, as you may know, Wikipedia provides the opportunity to post your content via Article Wizard.

You do not have to worry about getting rejected as through this way the editors review your post and guide you as to how you can improvise it. It’s more like a practice mode.

Step #6- Optimize Your Content

The next step is to make your content accessible by optimizing it on the SEO grounds. Wikipedia policies and search engine algorithms to evaluate ad rank a content is more or less the same. Optimizing your content for Wikipedia will bring your content to the top in the browser. Therefore, know the two basic steps to make your page more easily approachable.

Ø  External Links

Do you know that Wikipedia allows no-follow links? The content with no-follow gets more weightage in the search engine for authenticity. So, now that you can’t promote your brand what you can do is to sneak the links of platforms having your brand names in the External links section. Here it will help in increasing the traffic to those sites which will eventually impact on a positive revenue generation for your business.

Ø  Index Most Searched Keywords

You need to incorporate most searched keywords in your content. You have to make sure that your content stays visible among the top ranking platforms. You can use advanced tools like Google Keyword Planner to gather the best keywords.

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Step #7-  Add Citation

One of the most important clauses in the detailed Wikipedia policies is to cite your content. You have to search for some good references and cite your content to make it look richer. Your content must be backed with the most reliable sources. In addition, there are certain formats to follow for citation., You need to go through eh Wiki policies to pick the one you like. Mostly it’s the Harvard Style referencing used for citation.

Step #8-  Proofread & Edit Your Content

Once you are through everything from page creation to citation, its time you take a thorough look on your content. You have to use advanced tools as well to be sure that your content is flawless. Your page will only be considered as credible if it is flawless. Therefore, edit the mistakes wisely and recheck the Wikipedia policies, just in case you miss out any.

Step #9- Submit for Review

You now have to submit your page for review and for that you have to go to your account and there you will find the option to “create a page” click it open and upload your file. Below the file uploading option will be a box to fill in your citation and references. You can even attach the image of the artist. After uploading everything, click on the submit button.

Step #10- Wikipedia Page Approval

A Wikipedia page may take up to 6 months to get reviewed. Official editors review the document and may ask for a revision if they come across minor errors. However, in case of any violation of policy the Wikipedia page might get rejected without any warning.

How to Compose a Wikipedia Biography of an Artist?

To compose a Wikipedia biography, you have to follow the exact rules; however, the formatting might be a bit different. Here you have to cover the below mentioned aspects.

You have to mention a precise biography of your artist followed by the career goals and work achievements. All of these sections everything should be authentic with proper details. You will then have to add the external links and references to the cited information. Your tone must be professional and avoid stating any argumentative aspect in your content.

What Is the Cost to Create a Wikipedia Page for an Artist?

The cost to create a Wikipedia page for an artist may vary between $400 to $1500. A lot of the factors contribute to the pricing. If you are contacting a highly experience agency to compose the artist biography you will give to get ready to pay at least the average charges of $800. Similarly, if you want to rely on a newbie Wikipedia writer, he may charge you around $300 to $600. The rates of an expert Wikipedia writer would be somewhere around $500 to $750.

How To Create An Infobox For Wikipedia?

If you want to create an infobox you first have to assemble the basic details about the person. The infobox has the picture below which is the name mentioned with the year of birth. After that, you have to mention his occupation as to where he belongs. Then comes the top achievements in the form of movies or records. And then you can mention the extra information. You even have to state the marital status and birth dates. The purpose of an infobox is to collectively present the little biography of the artist.

Is it free to create a Wikipedia page?

Yes, it is free to create a Wikipedia page; however, you have to make sure you do not seek any external support. If you find it difficult to compose the page on your own you will have to pay external agencies and professionals.

Can I hire a Wikipedia artist profile writer?

Yes, you can hire a professional Wikipedia writer for your page. He will ensure to get it approved swiftly. You will have to look for someone who has the experience to drive excellence and ensure a positive outcome.